Wall Painting Restoration

Restoration of Wall Paintings – As many of you know Copford has some of the rarest and best preserved wall paintings of any parish church in the country.  In December 2014, they were surveyed by leading conservator, Tom Organ, formally of Canterbury Cathedral who carried out the last repairs in 2005.  Whilst the overall condition remains good, 800 years of wear & tear does take its toll and he has costed the most urgent repairs at around £16,000.  We can now confirm that all the work required has been completed as of 7th November 2018, with the aid of The Friends of Copford Church, a grant from The Buildings Council and the parishioners of Copford who have supported our many fundraising events over the past few years.  Thank you to everyone.

Please do get in touch with any of the Church members below:

Heather Garnham, Churchwarden (01206 211494)  heatherg1452@aol.com

Anne Whistler, Fabric Officer (01206 212486) annewhistler2766@gmail.com

Claire Macaulay, Treasurer (01206 330319) clairelmacaulay@gmail.com

Sarah Grealis, PCC Member (01206 212525) sarah.grealis@talktalk.net

Allan Blundell, PCC Member (01206 211395) allan.blundell@btinternet.com

Barbara Moore, PCC Member (01206 210079) mulberrylodge32@tiscali.co.uk